emotional fatigue, trouble letting go
Stress, upper back tension
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Something firm and energetic

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Please Note: The massages are non-sexual, non-medical, suitable for adults of any age. If you suffer from a skin condition, high blood pressure or heart problems or you are pregnant, you may need a medical certificate confirming that you can receive a massage without risk to your health. If you are unsure, we can discuss it on the phone.

Massage can improve skin condition, body image, relieve muscle tension and anxiety and help improve sleep quality.


The best massage for you will depend on how you are feeling physically and emotionally right now, whether you have any particular muscle tensions and how much pressure you like.

How to choose your massage?

Californian: A great big hug of a massage, reassuring, with heat pads to gently dissolve tensions, attentive to the tips of your fingers and toes. A good first-time massage.


Warm stones: Really tired but just can't switch off? This is the massage for you.


Champissage (shoulders, neck, head and face): Smooths the frown from your face, calms the worries in your head and rubs away the tensions from your neck and shoulders.

Emotional fatigue, trouble letting go

Balinese: Powerful reversed-thumb movements and percussions iron out the tensest of muscles.


Champissage (shoulders, neck, head, face): incredible calming effect dissolving worries and anxiety.


Back Massage: The only massage with 30 minutes of just back, it has it all - stretches, acupressure, soothing, rounded movements and firmness in the knottiest places.

Stress, upper back tension

Hawaiian: Massage with forearms and even elbows in wave-like movements that wash over your whole body, head to toe, above and underneath simultaneously.


Bamboo: Oiled bamboo rods of different lengths and diameters slide, roll and pivot over the body kneading the tiredness out of your muscles and stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation. The natural freshness of the bamboo makes this a good summer massage, to be appreciated after a day's hiking.

Looking for something different?

Balinese: Simultaneously energising and deeply relaxing, rapid skin-deep movements combined with slow powerful deep tissue work and stretches to offer a massage rich in sensations.


Bamboo: A great one for tired, heavy legs


Hawaiian: Feel the calm power of the ocean stretching, lifting, smoothing

Something firm and energetic?